January 1st 2022

Health – its gone!!

Ok, so it’s not THAT exciting. However these removing features barely ever work, so it’s kind of a milestone.

Well, today i was editing the character for METUEX. As i figured, loading it in Metuex Studio loads the pre defined form for March 2007 humanoids, not Jan 2006. (I actually compared the original file to the modified in Metuex Studio one in Notepad.)  But then seeing all those files i decided to disable health instead of jumping for right now. So then i modified the Health file, didn’t work. So i modified it again in the Studio and found it was disabled so check that and done.

And now, it works! Well, the Health GUI still shows, but who knows – maybe they had a full health bar as a placeholder back then!

Health Test :3

(And since i don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man, Happy New Years!)

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