December 30th 2021


So you know how i’m looking for the March 2006 humanoid? Yeah, been unsuccessful so far. But i did get something better…

So today, i found out i got accepted to the ROBLOX Client Search Discord. I found that THEY have the March 2006 humanoid. So then, as anyone who discovers someone having something rare, i tried to go into contact with them by finding the discord server.

Well, i introduced myself and all, and today i found i got accepted! So of course my first resort was going to general, and asking for a March 2006 humanoid because i have this game and all’o that. So this person gave me this whole thing about how if you get a 2006 humanoid it ain’t gonna behave differently. But then someone else joined in (admin) and simplified that. So i said if i can still have it. They said yes, if it’s onsale. I don’t know what that’s all’o ’bout, but then right after the other person gave me the January 11, 2006 humanoid. Which after a search, is actually the earliest humanoid.

So i don’t think i’ll give a crap about the March 2006 humanoid by now. Now i have something earlier! And no, i’m not giving the download. Go ask the Client Search Discord for it. Or better yet, don’t bother them at all.

There is more 2006 stuff where that came from and i’ll add those too.

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