December 25th 2021


Yeah i know, you’re asking, “where is everything?”.

Well, let me tell you the full story.

So only a day ago or something i bought a new .com domain for Metuex instead of the subdomain, because i like abusing the fact i have unlimited subdomains. However, when my projects are really special to me, i buy a .com domain for them instead of abusing the domain (which is an under construction search engine if you’re curious). So, i had to wait a while, i expected it to be up in a day as DreamHost said, but proved to be open in only like a half hour.

So i started the process. I assigned the old domain to have the same user as, so of course that meant if i edited either website i could access both of them at once. So i deleted the folder for, renamed the old domain’s folder to the one for, and then made a completely new folder with the same name as

By the way, it’s empty, so R.I.P everyone trying to access I’ll put up an edit of the 2006 ROBLOX Servers Moving Message on the old domain, since i’ve been waiting to use something like that for a longgg time.
I thought the blog would work completely fine after the domain change, but half of the CSS just stopped working, and neither did the posts, so i had to create a completely new blog, and tried to delete the original folder, but it didn’t work and neither did the blog install. So i resorted to using a subdomain. Sadly i didn’t back up the original blog, but i could replicate all of the nooks and crannies of the overall design, even more accurate to the Roblox blog.
So that’s the story. Also the wiki moved too from Wikidot, i doubt anyone even visited the Wikidot wiki, but i got a new Miraheze wiki and it’ll get a custom domain soon.
See you next time, and Merry Christmas! Tell me in the comments what you got this year!

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