December 30th 2021


So you know how i’m looking for the March 2006 humanoid? Yeah, been unsuccessful so far. But i did get something better…

So today, i found out i got accepted to the ROBLOX Client Search Discord. I found that THEY have the March 2006 humanoid. So then, as anyone who discovers someone having something rare, i tried to go into contact with them by finding the discord server.

Well, i introduced myself and all, and today i found i got accepted! So of course my first resort was going to general, and asking for a March 2006 humanoid because i have this game and all’o that. So this person gave me this whole thing about how if you get a 2006 humanoid it ain’t gonna behave differently. But then someone else joined in (admin) and simplified that. So i said if i can still have it. They said yes, if it’s onsale. I don’t know what that’s all’o ’bout, but then right after the other person gave me the January 11, 2006 humanoid. Which after a search, is actually the earliest humanoid.

So i don’t think i’ll give a crap about the March 2006 humanoid by now. Now i have something earlier! And no, i’m not giving the download. Go ask the Client Search Discord for it. Or better yet, don’t bother them at all.

There is more 2006 stuff where that came from and i’ll add those too.

December 26th 2021

Now you can really upload all the maps you want!

Yep! Map uploading has finally been implemented. With some help from the internet (because i’m a PHP noob) you can finally upload all the games you want. Just click on the “Upload” link in the header, select either A .RBXL OR .RBXM file, and you SHOULD see a upload processed screen! You should then go to the games pages and after refreshing the cache see your map!

Note: You’ll have to refresh your cache every time the games page is accessed.

Aswell, you’ll be able to download a map simply by clicking on it’s name!

Happy Uploading!

December 26th 2021

You can upload all the maps you want!

Well, not exactly yet. But later on today, i will start working on a way you can upload maps without all that forums crap.

The way it’ll work is pretty simple. There will be a upload page soon, and it’ll write your file to the “Maps” folder. It will also check for the file extension being exactly “.rbxl” before uploading it because you know how hackers are, and i was going to hide the file extensions, but it’ll show them incase it backfires and hackers find a way around the file extensions slop.

But along with the games the website already provides, in the maps folder there is a page with the files list. So that page will be embedded in there.

But yeah, pretty simple post. Also Metuex 0.2 is coming fairly soon, but it could take a long while as i cannot disable jumping and the leaderboards (neither of those existed in early, early 2006). Metuex 0.1.5 might come first instead of 0.2, because i got the Timebomb, supersafechat, the report button, and animations mostly removed (the mesh is blank and the image for the bomb no longer exists). But if you see a bomb button just don’t click it, because it crashes the whole game. If i can’t remove leaderboard and timebomb by 3 weeks i’ll just have to accept it and release it with those features.

Shoutout to Reisen Udongein Inaba and TarePandy, first is the second account on the forums and other being the first person to talk about my revival (on Bwitter)!



December 25th 2021


Yeah i know, you’re asking, “where is everything?”.

Well, let me tell you the full story.

So only a day ago or something i bought a new .com domain for Metuex instead of the subdomain, because i like abusing the fact i have unlimited subdomains. However, when my projects are really special to me, i buy a .com domain for them instead of abusing the domain (which is an under construction search engine if you’re curious). So, i had to wait a while, i expected it to be up in a day as DreamHost said, but proved to be open in only like a half hour.

So i started the process. I assigned the old domain to have the same user as, so of course that meant if i edited either website i could access both of them at once. So i deleted the folder for, renamed the old domain’s folder to the one for, and then made a completely new folder with the same name as

By the way, it’s empty, so R.I.P everyone trying to access I’ll put up an edit of the 2006 ROBLOX Servers Moving Message on the old domain, since i’ve been waiting to use something like that for a longgg time.
I thought the blog would work completely fine after the domain change, but half of the CSS just stopped working, and neither did the posts, so i had to create a completely new blog, and tried to delete the original folder, but it didn’t work and neither did the blog install. So i resorted to using a subdomain. Sadly i didn’t back up the original blog, but i could replicate all of the nooks and crannies of the overall design, even more accurate to the Roblox blog.
So that’s the story. Also the wiki moved too from Wikidot, i doubt anyone even visited the Wikidot wiki, but i got a new Miraheze wiki and it’ll get a custom domain soon.
See you next time, and Merry Christmas! Tell me in the comments what you got this year!
December 25th 2021

Hello world!

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